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Take Time to Read Charity Receives Bonus Program Proceeds on August 2

FireinAshesScottishRiteHospitalOn Friday, August 2,  I will present a special bonus program following the First Friday Book Synopsis to benefit the Take Time to Read charity, sponsored by the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.  All the proceeds from the program will go directly to that charity.  The bonus program is based upon a best-seller by  Jonathan Kozol, entitled Fire in the Ashes.  The additional fee is only $15.

I am allowing active school teachers with ID to attend the synopsis and bonus program for $30, a savings of $14 over the regular price.  They will be very interested in the books that we present, along with the great breakfast, and networking opportunities.

You can read about this great charity by clicking here.

Register by going to:  www.firstfridaybooksynopsis.com, or calling me at (972) 601-1537.Image