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Buffini’s Seven Immigrant Secrets Debut on List at # 2

Since we started this blog a few years ago, only a few books have ever debuted as high as the EmigrantEdgeCoverone this week by Brian Buffini.  His work, The Emigrant Edge:  How to Make it Big in America, came in at #2 on the Wall Street Journal business best-selling list this weekend (August 19-20,  2017, p. C10).  It was published by Howard Books, and released on August 1.  As of today, it is in the top 25 best-sellers in two categories on Amazon.com.

Who is he?  Well, he’s a real-estate mogul.  Here is his biography:

Brian Buffini PictureBrian Buffini was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and immigrated to San Diego in 1986 where he became the classic American rags to riches story. After becoming one of the nation’s top Realtors, he founded Buffini & Company, an organization dedicated to sharing his powerful lead-generation systems with others. Based in Carlsbad, California, Buffini & Company has trained over 3 million business professionals in 37 countries and currently has more than 20,000 members across North America. Today, Brian reaches over a million listeners a year through his popular “Brian Buffini Show” podcast and travels the world sharing a message of encouragement about how to “live the good life.” Brianâs classic Irish wit, hard-earned wisdom and motivational style make him a dynamic speaker, adept at helping people tap into their full potential and achieve their dreams. Learn more at www.brianbuffini.com.


His website is www.brianbuffini.com.   What does he say about his book?  “Take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of you and unleash the principles of the Emigrant Edge to build your own American Dream.”

And, on Amazon.com,

In The Emigrant Edge, Brian shares seven characteristics that he and other successful immigrants have in common that can help anyone reach a higher level of achievement, no matter their vocation. He then challenges readers to leave the comfort of their current work conditions to apply these secrets and achieve the success of their dreams.”
Even though this is a strong best-seller, I don’t see it as a choice we would make for the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas.  However, if it remains popular, we could change our minds, and if that happens, you will read it in a future blog post.


Long Run for LEAN IN is Over – Quite a Ride for That Book!

The long run at # 1 for LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg (2013, Knopf) has ended.

In today’s (7/27/2013) Wall Street Journal list of best-selling hardcover nonfiction books, LEAN IN has been unseated. At # 1 is a book by Phil Robertson with Mark Schlabach entitled HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, published by Howard Books.

It was quite a ride for LEAN IN. We don’t have any figures on the number of books sold, nor the amount of revenue generated, but it is most likely at the top of both of these lists for nonfiction books in 2013.

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