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The First Friday Book Synopsis 

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Each track includes three book synopses, delivered digitally. 

Each synopsis comes with the audio recording of the synopsis presentation by Randy Mayeux, plus the multi-page, comprehensive synopsis handout.

To get the most from the synopses:

Sit with pen in hand, play the audio on your SmartPhone or computer, and in about 25 minutes, take a dive into each individual book synopsis.

You may then decide to read the book for yourself. But, even if you don’t, these synopses will give you plenty to think about, and put into practice.

You will learn!

Click here to view the bundles available:

Nine bundles are available:

  • for your own development
  • to share with your team members
  • to help new employees, new team members, in their development

Each bundle comes with three book synopses. (Some bundles include a 4th bonus synopsis). These are my selections for the “best” books I have presented for these tracks.

  • Three bundles for Leaders:

  • The Leaders Track
  • For the Leadership Team: Track #1
  • For the Leadership Team: Track #2
  • Other Bundles:

    Click on image to visit the page:

    Click on image to visit the page:

  • The Personal Productivity Track
  • The Team Builders Track
  • The Customer Service Track
  • The Future Track
  • The Let’s Rethink Everything Track
  • The Challenge of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Track

Click here to see the books available in each bundle:


As always, you can purchase our synopses individually.  Click here for the most recent synopses made available.

Or, search by title on this page; or, you can purchase a subscription for all of our synopses by clicking here.

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