Things are a little tough out there – A few thoughts about our current reality…

A few thoughts about our current reality…

Things are a little tough out there.

For some arenas, really tough.

How is it tough?

With inflation, possible recession (economists seem divided on whether or not the traditional recession definitions fit this moment), and still-ever-present-COVID realities (no; COVID has not gone away), there are:

Layoffs — The mortgage industry, for one example, is experiencing seriously large layoffs. This is chronicled in today’s Dallas Morning News, in a story about Mr. Cooper, which also names at least one other company. (Home mortgage firm Mr. Cooper laid off almost 700 employees as loan demand sank). 

And, as some lose their jobs…

Trouble finding workers  – My goodness, this is especially tough for restaurants, and in construction, and really…many other arenas.  There are multiple possible explanations.  But, I talked to a person who has hiring responsibility just this week, and he described how difficult it is to find workers who:  might stay, and can actually learn the culture and the ways expected in the job.  And his labor costs have gone through the roof!

And, there are numerous hints that though we want to rebuild a robust manufacturing sector, there simply may not be enough people to work in the effort.

I present synopses of business books.  As I read about how to build culture (always tough!), how to find and keep the right people, the advice all seems a bit other-worldly at the moment.  Meaning, “these books are not dealing with the real world I am currently facing” other-worldly.

You could come up with other examples of where, and why, things are so tough.

I guess this short post is to say:  have some empathy for those trying to make things work in this very difficult environment.

Because, times are tough out there!

Maybe it is time to revisit the ever-needed M. Scott Peck quote, from his modern-day classic The Road Less Traveled:


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