Rules of the New Renaissance in Jeff Goins’ Best-Seller

On Friday, August 4, I will present a synopsis of the best-seller by Jeff Goins, Real Artists Don’t JeffGoinsPictureStarve:  Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age (Thomas Nelson, 2017).  If you have not yet registered for the First Friday Book Synopsis this week, you can still do so at a discounted price at

Goins’ premise is very simple:

“Making a living off your creative talent has never been easier….the idea of the Starving Artist is a useless myth that holds us back more than it helps us” (p. xvi).

RealArtistsDontStarveCoverHere is a teaser from Friday’s presentation.  If you cannot attend, you can access this within a few days at our site.

In the introduction of the book, he discusses the myths of the starving artist, by presenting twelve rules of the new Renaiassance (p. xvii-xviii).

With those rules, he contrasts starving and thriving artists.

Here are those myths:

Starving Artist

Thriving Artist

Believes you must be born an artist Knows you must become one
Strives to be original Steals from his influences
Believes he has enough talent Apprentices under a master
Acts stubborn about everything Acts stubborn about the right things
Waits to be noticed Cultivates patrons
Believes he can be creative anywhere Goes where creative work is already happening
Always works alone Collaborates with others
Does his work in private Practices in public
Works for free Always works for something
Sells out too soon Owns his work
Masters one craft Masters many
Despises the need for money Makes money to make art

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