War Off Drugs Presentation Given To Dallas High Noon Club

One of our Creative Communication Network speakers, Carmen Coreas, presented her program to the Dallas High Noon Club on Thursday, May 5 at the Love Field Doubletree Hilton hotel.  The Dallas High Noon Club is the oldest continuous meeting luncheon gathering in the area, and contributes to many civic charities.  If you are interested in booking this presentation for your organization, contact Karl J. Krayer, President of Creative Communication Network, at .  Here is a description of Carmen’s program:

Her program is entitled, “The War Off Drugs.”  In this presentation, Carmen argues against prescription drugs for quick-fix remedies, which has increasingly become the status-quo for treating physical and mental health maladies in today’s society.

This prCarmenTowerClubDinnerPictureCroppedesentation is life-changing!  Carmen will share stories and cases that will touch your heart.  You will learn the latest scientific findings, with special attention to quality research on the topic.   You will hear quotes from qualified authorities.  You will discover alternatives to prescription drugs, and learn how to have a fulfilled life by not taking them.  Carmen even goes after energy drinks, and you will hear about safer ways to regain strength and stamina.  Since she is fully bilingual, Carmen can also present the program in fluent Spanish.

In this fast-paced 20-30 minute presentation, accompanied by striking visuals, Carmen makes these points:

  1.  Society wants easy and fast solutions to physical and mental health.
  2.  Prescription drugs produce lasting harmful side effects.
  3.  Energy drinks produce the complete opposite result from what they advertise.
  4.  Illegal psychiatric drugs are associated with many types of crimes.
  5.  There are healthier and more effective remedies than prescription drugs.
  6.  Eastern societies have successfully shunned drugs and are exceptionally healthy.

Pictured clockwise are:  Carmen speaking during the presentation, Carmen with CCN Karl J. Krayer (C) and several of the members of the High Noon Club from the audience, and Carmen with CCN President Karl J. Krayer (L) and High Noon Club President Steve Gooch (R).

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