Keep Trying New Stuff, Constantly – Lessons Buried in the Facebook S-1 Filing

So, (courtesy of SlateSh*t Facebook Employees Say), here are five maxims/mantras of Facebook buried in their S-1 Filing:

Facebookism No. 1: “Done is better than perfect”
Facebookism No. 2: “Code wins arguments”
Facebookism No. 3: “Move fast and break things”
Facebookism No. 4: “The riskiest thing is to take no risks.”
Facebookism No. 5: “This journey is 1 percent finished.”

We have posted the phrase “this journey is 1% finished” across many of our office walls, to remind employees that we believe that we have only begun fulfilling our mission to make the world more open and connected.

(Read the article for full descriptives of each).

So here are a few clear lessons

1.  Ship fast, then fix…  Get it out there!

2.  Keep trying new stuff. Constantly!  Really — constantly!

3.  It is mandatory to take risks!

4.  You are nowhere near finished – ever!

You know, I think it will probably take the Coach and the best players of the Super Bowl Champion team about 2 days to get past celebrating and then ask, how do we get better for next year, so that we can win again?  And it will take the Coach and the best players of the losing team about 3 days to wallow in the sting of the loss, and then they will ask how do we fix what was wrong, and then get better, so that we can win it all next year?

It is a constantly changing, gotta-get-better fast world out there.

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