Productivity Formula (T + CD + EE = P) – Maybe this explains why we are having such difficulty being productive

You are having trouble reaching your top levels of productivity right now.  Right?  I know that I am. Among all of the ripple effects of the current health crisis, with so many, many of us working from home, we are having trouble concentrating on, focusing on, and accomplishing, our work. This might help explain it.  Read More

Since you are likely working from home, this might help — Insight from David Allen, Daniel Pink, Atul Gawande, and others

Since you are likely working from home, it is time to do a pretty thorough analysis of your working-from-home skills. Yes, I know; there are only 38 gazillion articles on how to master the art of working from home.  But, I want to jump in with four strong suggestions of my own, with a few book-reading Read More

Lessons Learned; Lessons that Should have been Learned – Insight from Taleb, Rosling, and Willink, for these difficult days

I have read, and presented synopses of, well over 500 books since we began the First Friday Book Synopsis back in the late 1990s.  The books I have presented deal with every aspect of business, and, other books I have presented for the Urban Engagement Book Club deal with issues of social justice (poverty; racism; education; Read More

Viktor Frankl; David Allen; John Steinbeck (and, Daniel Silva) – Suggested Book Reading for these shelter-in-place days

In the midst of this shelter-in-place moment, plenty of us – especially those of us who work in some kind of independent capacity – are having trouble getting started, getting scheduled, and getting things done. I’ve tried to think about books that might be useful in such a moment.  So, here is a farily short Read More