Starting Strong is good – Finishing Strong is better

You can go wrong so many ways.

One way you can go wrong is by starting out wrong.
Or starting out on the wrong path.
Or starting out just half-heartedly.

But…even if you get the start right, that is…alas…no guarantee that you will get the end right.

So, another way to go wrong is to end poorly.  To fail to finish strong.

As is often the case, there are analogies from sports contests.

This weekend, Tyson Fury was knocked down, twice, by Deontay Wilder III in his heavyweight championship boxing match; twice in the same round.

Fury had never been knocked down twice in one round.

It was the fourth round.  Still fairly early in the fight.

But, Tyson Fury, got back up, went back to work, and finished strong.  And he won the fight.

The thrill of victory...and the agony of defeat...

The thrill of victory…and for the other team,  the agony of defeat…

Or… Texas jumped out to a huge 14-0 lead over Oklahoma in their football game on Saturday, in under two minutes.  And then they carried a 28-7 lead after the first quarter.  That is starting strong!

Fans (like me) sort of…relaxed…
They should not have.

Because, alas, Texas did not finish strong, and they lost the game.

Maybe the lesson, for life, and for business, is simply this:  get off to a good start.  And then work hard on your plan until the last second of the last quarter.

Start strong.
Stay strong.
Finish strong.

That is all.

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