Here are my video presentations from our September events: The Color of Law & Humanocracy, and How to Be an Antiracist

My life has spun out of control. Call it what you will; productivity challenges is one thing to call it. But I have not handled the current pandemic and national unrest as well as I should have.  Thus, I have written few blog posts.  I get done what I must get done; but not enough of other stuff that I should get done.  My apology to all.


Sept. 4, 2020 FFBSI have uploaded the video recordings of my latest two events/presentations.  One, the September First Friday Book Synopsis, and the other was the September Urban Engagement Book Club. Keep scrolling, and you will find the videos.

Here are the links to download the synopsis handouts:


Download the synopsis handouts from the September First Friday Book Synopsis presentations of The Color of Law and Humanocracy by clicking here.

And download the synopsis handout for How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, from the September Urban Engagement Book Club, by clicking here.

{Note:  the Kendi book is also one of my two selections for the October First Friday Book Synopsis.  It will be substantially the same handout (though it will look a little different), but the presentation will be a shorter presentation of this synopsis}.

First Friday Book Synopsis, Sept, 2020 – Humanocracy and The Color of Law — (presenter, Randy Mayeux)

Urban Engagement Book Club, September, 2020 – How to Be an Antiracist — (presenter, Randy Mayeux)

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