So, what are you doing with your time during the Great Pandemic of 2020? – You could be reading these 17+ books

there is always the right book to read next

there is always the right book to read next

So, what are you doing with your time during the Great Pandemic of 2020?

A lot of people are still hard at work.  But, many are not.  And, many have had their work greatly reduced; cancelled contracts, lost customers; opportunities that vanished.

There have been plenty of people who have not been able to get much done.  They are…dispirited.  They are low in energy.  They do the bare minimum, if that. And some of the things they need to work on have fallen by the wayside.

So, back to the question:  what are you doing with your time during the Great Pandemic of 2020?  What are you working on, when you can find the energy to work?

One area you could work on is personal development.  This is a perfect time to learn, to grow, to think. To strategize.  Yes, I realize – we all realize – that it is so very hard to think about getting fully back at it effectively when the pandemic lifts.  For one thing, we have no idea when that will truly happen.

But, let’s say that it does lift.  Let’s say that there is life after the pandemic.  Let’s even say that life will resemble the old normal life once a vaccine is developed and distributed.

Think about how you will feel then; think about what you will wish you had done with these months then; after the pandemic lifts.

Here’s my thinking.  Take advantage of every learning opportunity, even if the learning is not all that applicable to the situation today.  If it does open back up fully, what will you need to know then?

Pretend that you had done a serious inventory of your skills and capabilities before the pandemic hit.  If you had, you might have found a weak spot, or three…

  • are you the leader you wish you could be?
  • do you understand: measuring progress; marketing; networking; sales; personal productivity: time management , energy management?

The list is long, isn’t it?  Look at yourself carefully. Where are your weaknesses?  What can you do to improve in those areas?

I have presented synopses of good books on pretty much every conceivable challenge facing you in your professional life and development.  Here’s just a partial list:

Getting Things Done on time management.
The Power of Full Engagement on energy management
The E-Myth Revisited on business basics
Measure What Matters on…well, measuring what matters.  And on OKRs
The Catalyst on persuasion
To Sell is Human on sales
Contagious on marketing.
Many, many books by Jocko Willink, Phil Jackson, John Wooden, and others, on Leadership.
Managing Transitions on…managing transitions
Switch on change
Digital Transformation on…digital transformation
The Rise of the Robots on the spread of, and threat of, automation
Lean In, on women in business (and a bunch of others)
Willful Blindness, on the ethical dark holes of too many
Range, and Outliers, and Peak, on personal development, and being a generalist, and the 10,000 hour rule
You Can Do Anything on the surprising power of a liberal arts education

And so many more…

Do you get the idea;  there is a good book on practically every conceivable “weakness” that you need to tackle.

I generated that list of books just from the top of my head; from my quick, retrievable memory.  If I went carefully thorough the list of hundreds of books we have presented at the First Friday Book Synopsis, I would come up with many more… They are all good, helpful books.

Yes indeed, one thing you could definitely do with your time during the Great Pandemic of 2020 is read books that would help you be ready for a new chapter of success when the pandemic lifts.

I encourage you to read like your future depends on it.  It just might, after all.


Yes, I have presented synopses of all of these books, and many more.  My synopses are available for purchase.  Each synopsis comes with my comprehensive, multi-page synopses handout, plus the audio recording of my presentation.  Go to the buy synopses tab at the top of this page, and do a search by title  Click here for our newest additions.

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