Maybe we need distraction – with content

Call this a personal reflection.

I can barely handle another news broadcast.  It is just too…difficult… And, yes, I am aware that my difficulty in watching is nothing compared to the difficulty faced by those on the front lines. —  But, yes I will keep watching.

In the midst of the news, I am so appreciative of every time -consuming activity that gets my mind off of the difficulties.

My wife and I have a watched so many different kinds of programs.  Some we’ve liked; some we’ve sort of liked.  Some we’ve abandoned, pretty quickly.

I so welcome any program that takes my mind elsewhere. Because, whenever a program is over, we are back to the unwelcome reality.

Now, to work thoughts:  my impression is that people seek content on-line.  Content that takes their mind off of the difficulites; content that can linger in their minds, give them thoughts about being and staying productive, and moving forward, in whatever ways they can.

Finding such content is.not.easy.

I think that maybe my book synopses, delivered remotely, give a touch of such content to some.  I know that when I present the synopses, my mind is off of the difficulties.  And I am happy about that; grateful for that.

And, lately, I’ve been giving more and more of these to different audiences.  Maybe others are finding them especially useful during these difficult times.

So, if you are looking for “escape, with content,” mark your calendar for June 5, and join us for our next Remote First Friday Book Synopsis.  Two good books — distraction; with content.  What could be better, and more needed, at this moment?


Click here for details about the June 5 session: The Hard Thing about Hard Things, and; Think Like a Rocket Scientist – Coming for the June 5 First Friday Book Synopsis (on Zoom).

(I will post, on this blog, the link for downloading handouts, and the Zoom log-in link, a day of two before the June 5 event).


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