You get in trouble when…you forget the basics!

You get in trouble when…you forget the basics.

Call the basics what you want.  The details; following your systems; following your procedures.  Whatever you call it, there seems to be a conspiracy in the universe to make us ignore, or abandon, or skip the details; to forget the basics.

This past week, I failed to put something into my calendar correctly.  (Thankfully, just a phone conversation; but still…).  It was my fault . I knew better. I know better.  I had a system in place to do that.  But, I was busy…distracted…being an idiot…and I blew it.  (Yes, I have apologized, and rescheduled).

Think about all the things you used to do well, all the ways you used to stay on top of your work, and then… and then you got sloppy, you let your discipline(s) slip, you…forgot the basics.

Did you used to be more meticulous with your to-do list?
Did you used to work out more regularly?
Did you used to stop-look-and-listen better?
Did you used to…?

I speak; a lot.  In my speaking, I deliver book synopses; many times during the month/year.  I have had three people – people who like and appreciate and value my synopsis presentations – observe, and tell me about, a slight change in what I cover in my live synopsis presentations. It was not a change for the better.  I had not caught it; had not realized it.  I needed to.  They were correct.  Yep…another back to the basics move for me to make.

So, what about you?  Where are you slipping up?  Where are you letting things slip?  Where are you not paying attention?

Are your systems in place?
Are you working your systems every day…

Don’t forget the basics; your basics!


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