Here are 3 Ways I Help People

Randy Mayeux

Randy Mayeux

I had lunch recently with a marketing person who attends the First Friday Book Synopsis, and she dropped a simple hint:  “you should put that in your ‘How I Help People’ list.”

So, it got me to thinking – how do I help people?  And, of course, it should lead you to ask: how do you help people.

Here are some of the ways I help people:

#1 — I help people become more literate, and is so doing, help them become more effective and successful.

I present thorough book synopses. And I also write posts on my blog with key lessons and takeaways from the best books – the best business books, and the best books dealing with issues of social justice.

For nearly 22 full years, I have read business books, and prepared comprehensive, thorough, multi-page synopsis handouts. I use these to accompany my live in-person presentations of these synopses.

I first present these at our First Friday Book Synopsis event – our monthly event in Dallas.  These are short presentations – around 20 minutes, or so. (We have presented synopses of over 510 books at these events.).

I then present longer sessions of these presentations within companies and organizations; for leadership teams especially.  For example, recently, I presented my synopsis of Measure what Matters by John Doerr for a leadership team at a  large law firm.  Here is the description of the value of the event, shared by the woman who brought me into the group:

The senior manager team really enjoyed your presentation and had a fruitful discussion immediately afterwards.

That’s what these presentations really provide – they jump-start fruitful discussions.

Here’s the result:  after you attend one of my synopses, you will know more, you become more literate, and you will make progress in your business endeavors and in your life.

{Check out this blog post for a pretty good list of “essential” books: You should read these 30 books – Book Suggestions from Randy Mayeux of the First Friday Book Synopsis (ok – 30, + a few). I have synopses available of all of these titles – and many more}.

#2 – I help people become better speakers.

I teach Speech at the Community College level.  My academic training includes graduate work in Communication: Rhetoric and Public Address.

And I lead seminars and workshops on Speech Basics, and on Advanced Public Speaking for Executives.

Sitting through a less-than-good speech or presentation is a big time waster, and a huge wasted opportunity for both the speaker and the audience.  I help people speak better, through my seminars and workshops.

I also write blog posts designed to help people speak more effectively. Check out this post, with links to many of the specific posts: Here Are A Number of My Blog Posts Dealing with Speaking/Presentation and Communication Issues.

(I have my next public seminar planned for late August: Executive Public Speaking. Check this web site and blog for information, coming soon).

#3 – I help people understand issues of poverty, racism, and other social justice concerns.

I do this by presenting synopses of books dealing with these issues. I have presented these synopses, one book a month, for over 12 years for the Urban Engagement Book Club, sponsored by CitySquare.  Click here to learn more about these sessions: Here’s the line up of books I will present on Social Justice Issues at the 2019 Urban Engagement Book Club.

I have also presented some of these synopses for the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, and for a few area churches.

I have a theory:  if an organization brought me in for a few sessions on books dealing with gender diversity, racial diversity, poverty, and other issues of social justice, it might bring a new perspective to such issues within the organization.  It might jump-start needed conversations in a whole new way.

A friend of mine – a successful consultant, who attends the First Friday Book Synopsis — observes that people do not have time to read the books they know they need to read.  But, they are hungry to know what is in the best books.  My event, and my longer synopses, provide deep dives in a short amount of time into these books.  My synopsis handouts provide substance and depth.  They are useful; valuable. That’s her view of what I provide. I think it rings true.

So, here are the three ways:

#1 — I help people become more literate, and is so doing, help them become more effective and successful.
#2 – I help people become better speakers.
#3 – I help people understand issues of poverty, racism, and other social justice concerns.

These are some of the ways that I help people.  Send me an e-mail by clicking here, and let’s talk about how I could be of help to your team.


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