What Kind of Speech/Presentation Will You Be Giving? – Be Sure to be Clear about This

I recently presented my Executive Public Speaking workshop to a fine group at a local credit Executive Public Speakingunion.  This is a fast-paced one day workshop.

One of the things I teach is this: When you give your next speech, or presentation, are you clear about what type of speech you will be giving? It is important to get this understanding right in your own mind.  Here are some categories of speeches/presentations.  Which one fits your next assignment?

Broad Category — Informative Speeches/Presentations

  • Let me inform you (Let me explain to you) — (you do not know this – I will tell you)
  • Let me teach you – (you don’t know enough about this – I will teach you)
  • Let me remind you – (think daily huddle)
  • Let me report to you – (you need to be kept up to date – I will give you a progress report)

Broad Category — Persuasive Speeches/Presentations

  • Let me challenge you/stretch you – (with some information; challenging you to aim higher)
  • Let me correct you – (you’re off target; here’s how to get back on target)
  • Let me motivate you – (you know what to do; get to it!)
  • Let me sell you on this –
 (Think customers; you are persuading them to accept your solution/product/service/suggestion)

Broad Category – Other

  • Let me honor you — (think retirement or award celebration)
  • Let me entertain you – (think department or company picnic) ——————–

Note – each and every presentation matters to:

  • The audience – (they need to hear this; know this; learn from this)
  • You – in regards to your own professional development — (you are delivering a presentation of consequence; and, each time, you are working on delivering better presentations, aiming for “outstanding” every time)

Do you have a group that needs to get better at speaking?  Click here to send me an e-mail, and let’s talk about bringing this into your organization.

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