The Best Business Books and their Recurring Themes – (Challenges for every business)

I read books.  Especially business books.

there is always the right book to help take you to the next level

there is always the right book to help take you to the next level

Over the course of the 21 years of the First Friday Book Synopsis, we have presented synopses of 504 business books.  There have been plenty of medium-to-good books, a few great books, and a handful of not-so-great books.

But, after all these years, I have come to understand that there are a few themes that show up over and over again.  These crop up in books by different authors; many with new findings; told with different wording and different stories.

But, because these themes keep showing up, one might think that people and organizations in their business endeavors all face the same few challenges.

My current thinking goes with these as those oft-present challenges:

You need the right business idea (the right service or product)
You heed a workable strategy.
You need a really good leader – and a whole bunch of quite good leaders throughout every “layer” of the organization.
You need to hire, develop, nurture, promote the right people.
You need to turn all these individual people into effective team members, building very effective teams.
You need to find and keep customers.
You need to market your product or service effectively; and then,
When you find customers, you need to make them very happy; keep them with you; and then turn them into ambassadors for your product or service.
Oh… and you need to pay attention to the changing world around you — so that your next version of your service or product meets the changing demands of an ever-changing world.

That’s it.  That ‘s my current list.  I suspect I’m missing some. But, you have to aim for productivity, and execution, and excellence, in the midst of all of these challenges.

There are some very good books for each of the these “categories” of work challenges.

What good book(s) have you read lately to help you with your challenges?


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