Being a Catalyst for Success by Bill Wallace – A Book to Prompt some much-needed Reflection

Catalyst for Success WallaceWhy do you read a book?

Different books serve different purposes.

There are Books to Entertain– I read Daniel Silva, among other, for this.

There are Books to Study– among others, these are the business books I read for the First Friday Book Synopsis, and books on social justice for the Urban Engagement Book Club.

There are books to Stretch your Thinking– though I present some of these books at our events, I think especially of the writings of Yuval Noah Harari, among others.

There are books that Offer Correctives– I think of books like Willful Blindness by Margaret Heffernan, among others.

And, there are books to Reflect Upon– books like the new book by Bill Wallace, Being a Catalyst for Success:  An Actionable Servant Leader Journal.

Bill has provided a short book, designed not so much to teach, but to remind, and then serve as a “catalyst” for reflection; for pondering; for life direction.

Each chapter has multiple brief paragraphs, with space to write after each one.

Here are the seven sections:

Section I -Netweaving: Living and Working a Good Life
Section II -Servant Leadership: A Life You Can Be Proud Of
Section III -Running a Business You Can Be Proud Of
Section IV -Giving Back to the Community
Section V -Handling Things When It Hits the Fan
Section VI -Spirituality, Family, and Friends
Section VII -Words of Wisdom

Bill Wallace, the founder of Success North Dallas, is a true connector.  He repeats these lines, in his e-mails, and every time he speaks:

Connecting the right people
For the right reasons… At the right time
Since 1988

Though you have much to read, and much to do, why not start the year with a little life reflection activity.  This book is perfect for that.  Order it from Amazon by clicking here.

And, congratulations Bill, for the arrival of your helpful, life-pondering book.


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