The Other Woman, Daniel Silva; Hellbent (Orphan X), Gregg Hurwitz – A Few Highlights of Note

Yes, I’m behind – on everything.  But, I took some days off; really off.  I ate, and watched some football; and ate, and I read a couple of thrillers. (And, I’m still behind…).

When I read as part of my work – i.e., preparing synopses handouts – I use my highlighting finger on my Kindle app way too many times. But, for my “thriller” reading, I use my highlighting finger much more sparingly.  I pay no attention to the context of the highlight.  I just highlight a very few excerpts that jump out at me.

The Other WomanThe two books I read included the latest Gabriel Allon challenge from Daniel Silva, The Other Woman, and the latest Orphan X adventure from Gregg Hurwitz, Hellbent.  I’ve read all of the Gabriel Allon thrillers, and all of the Orphan X ones also.  I’m a super big fan of Daniel Silva (I heard him speak in Dallas, maybe a couple of years ago now).  And I’m a fan of the Orphan X novels.  Yes, I prefer Allon over Orphan X.  But we only get one Allon outing per year..  So, when one is looking for escape…

{And, note:  I was able to check each of these out from my Richardson library, for my Kindle app.  I usually have to purchase my Kindle app version books for my synopses, but I use my library whenever the book I want is available.  I had waitlisted for the Silva novel.  It was available at just the time I had available!}

And, in case you were wondering – I think Gabriel Allon would win in a contest against Orphan X, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Wonder Woman, Superman and Spiderman, and all other superheroes banded together. Never underestimate Gabriel Allon!

Here, without comment or context, are a few of my few highlights from my leisurely reading:

The Other Woman by Daniel Silva

Nor did he approve of American-style motivational speeches. The threats facing Israel, he said, were incentive enough.
…the world was not a dangerous place spinning rapidly out of control; it was a problem to be managed by men and women of competence and training.
(from his afterword) — When Putin sows political chaos in Western Europe and seeks to disrupt and discredit an American election, he is reaching deep into the KGB’s old playbook. He is engaging in “active measures.”

Hellbent: An Orphan X Novel by Gregg HurwitzHellbent

How you do anything is how you do everything.
If you don’t know what you don’t know, how can you know what to learn?
Remember that what you do not yet know is more important than what you already know.—Jordan Peterson
“A parent, they are only as happy as their least happy child,”
“‘Don’t fall in love with Plan A.’”
“You can’t help people more than they want to help themselves.”

You didn’t ask, but I am currently most enthralled with Daniel Silva.  I’ve read a bunch of the Jack Reacher novels; and I enjoy the Orphan X stories.  I tried a few other thriller authors that didn’t quite click with me.  But, the books I go back and re-read are my old Nero Wolfe novels, written by Rex Stout.

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