Reminder Thursday – Follow the Script if you want to run a good event or meeting

follow the scriptGood meetings, good events, are well planned, and they cover all the details very well.

I recently noticed something; and, not for the first time.  Those who plan with precision – i.e., those who prepare schedules, scripts, agendas – get more accomplished.  The formula is simple:  first you prepare a script, then you follow the script.

{Some would argue that such meticulous preparation squelches creativity.  There’s a simple solution—put into the script, into the schedule, some free-flowing exercise/thinking portions.  But, that’s another issue for another time.}

If you script things, then you can choose to go off script when a need arises.

If you don’t script things, then you will leave important elements out of any meeting or event.

And, you have to pay attention to – i.e., follow – the script in order not to leave that important stuff out.

So, prepare a script; then follow the script.

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