What should we do First to help the homeless? Let’s consider Housing FIRST – (mark your calendar, September 19)

Housing First approaches are based on the concept that a homeless individual or household’s first and primary need is to obtain stable housing, and that other issues that may affect the household can and should be addressed once housing is obtained.
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A great question, about almost any problem that we tackle, is this:

What should we do first?

Because, there comes a time after all of our thinking, and talking, and pondering, and we finally start to act. And when we do, what do we do First?!

It turns out that there are  good “what do we do first?” answers for a lot of challenges. And that is increasingly true for a major society-wide challenge – what shall we do to help homeless people? To help them build, and re-build, and further build, their lives?

What shall we do first?

The answer is – housing. Housing First! A person without a home needs a home. And housing – housing first – can help them in a cascading number of ways for the better. A house – a house first — is the right answer to the question for what we should do first!

There are a bunch of caring and smart folks dealing with challenges faced by people without homes. Two groups, the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (MDHA), and CitySquare, have come together to sponsor a special gathering for all interested in this challenge. I have the good fortune of being a part of this special gathering.

So, on September 19, I will be presenting a book synopsis of the book Housing First: Ending Homelessness, Housing FirstTransforming Systems, and Changing Lives by Deborah Padgett, Benjamin Henwood, and Sam Tsemberis.

Larry James, the CEO of CitySquare, calls this the most important book he has read dealing with this challenge.

When and Where:

Monday, September 19, 2016, 12.00-1.30pm, Auditorium (1st Floor) of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, 1515 Young St., Dallas, Texas 75201. Follow signs to underground parking on Wood St. Coffee and water provided. Attendees may bring brown-bag lunch.

May I make a request – clear your schedule, and come be a part of this gathering.

And after the session, we will all be better equipped to think about the challenges, and the solution offered with a housing first approach.

And, then, we can act in ways that make a lasting difference for the better.

Click here to visit the event page at the MDHA site.

And here’s the flier with all the details:

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