The iPad Goes Mainstream – Even Libraries are Becoming Fans, and Enthusiastic Users

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg did a lightning round with Oprah, which was basically the greatest thing ever.
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg:  Books on paper or books on a Kindle?
Oprah:  “iPad.”
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I have written before about how much I like – really like! – my iPad.  In the “reading books” part of my life, my favorite feature is the immediate “sample download” of books.  I prefer the format/look of iBooks, but Kindle has a wider selection of titles.

And, when I actually purchase a book on Kindle, which I am doing with increasing frequency, it has an amazing feature – you can highlight sections on your iPad (which you can also do on iBooks), and then!, you can print the highlights out from your Amazon page on your computer.  And!, you can copy and paste from your own highlights.  And!!, you can view the “most popular highlights “ of the book – obviously a compilation from all of those who bought the book on Kindle.  I can’t find this same feature on iBooks — I hope they add it.  (or, if it is available, and I haven’t found it, please let me know.  Comments are always open).

Wow!  Just wow!

Bob Morris sent me this link:  20 Coolest iPad Ideas for Your Library, which lists 20 cool ways that the iPad is being used by libraries.  The first, and most obvious, is that you can now “check out” books for your iPad, and instantly download them into your iPad from anywhere.  After a set period (three weeks, or so), the books just disappear.  I have read one book this way from my Richardson library.  It works fine — but the format does not match the cool format of iBooks, or even Kindle.  Some libraries are even checking out iPads for their library card holders.

Here’s an excerpt from this article:

Since its 2010 release, attitudes about the iPad have undergone a radical change. Once mocked by techies for being both frivolous and having a silly name, the device has since become nearly ubiquitous in coffee shops, schools, airports and businesses across the nation. Why? Because in many ways, the iPad actually did live up to the hype. It’s easy to use (even for little kids), intuitive, lightweight and generally a highly versatile tool adaptable everywhere, from the board room to home room.

Check out all 20 of the ways that libraries are using iPads.  It’s a cool list of cool ideas.

There has been no bigger champion of reading books than Oprah.  So for her to announce her love and preference for the iPad, it seems like ebooks on an iPad has now gone fully mainstream.  I know that many regret the threat to physical books – including me – but as I wrote a while back, I’m A Convert – I’m Now Reading Books On My iPad, And Loving It, I am an enthusiastic convert.  The iPad is, simply, a marvel.

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