“We Were Not Found Wanting” – the Challenge for Every Company & Organization Facing Difficult Times

Robert Wilsonsky of the Dallas Observer was taking a walk through yesteryear, and found an old, wrinkled memo to employees at Parkland Hospital in the aftermath of the JFK tragedy.  (read his article here).  Parkland is having tough times today, but they certainly had to face a tougher time that one weekend.

In the memo is a snapshot of the challenge facing companies and their employees in difficult times.  Which, I think, applies to this era pretty much across the board.  The praise given to Parkland employees does a terrific job at setting the agenda in any difficult time.

Here’s the key except from the memo:

What is it that enables an institution to take in stride such a series of history jolting events.  Spirit?  Dedication?  Preparedness?  Certainly, all of these are important, but the underlying factor is people.  People whose education and training is sound.  People whose judgment is calm and perceptive.  People whose actions are deliberate and definitive.  Our pride is not that we were swept up by the whirlwind of tragic history, but that when we were, we were not found wanting.

These certainly seem like difficult days, and a whole lot of companies, and their employees, are in a pretty deep morale slump.  I suggest that we all focus on this – when times are tough, this is precisely the time to rise to the occasion and all do our very best work.  For the sake of our own company.  For the sake of our own sanity and mental health.  And for the future health of our entire nation.

Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Wilonsky.  (Here’s the full memo):

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