Those ESPN Guys Have Fun & Brzeniski’s Knowing Your Value for the September First Friday Book Synopsis – Come Join Us!

Before you leave town for the Labor Day Weekend, come join us for the September First Friday Book Synopsis.

Karl Krayer will present a synopsis of Those Guys Have all the Fun, about the wildly successful business launch of ESPN.  I will present a synopsis of Knowing Your Value, which starts with the remarkable personal story of Mika Brzezinski and her “discovery” of just how unequally she was treated at Morning Joe.  Then, as the journalist she is, she pursues this question with interviews/insights from many other accomplished women.

We always have great “back to school – beginning of the fall” attendance at the September First Friday Book Synopsis.  If you are in the DFW area, come join us – 7:00 am, September 2, at the Park City Club.  Click here to reserve your place.

Click on the image for full-size flier you can share with others.

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