When Circumstances Trump Great Business Plans and Practices (some thoughts on a snow day)

Just some thoughts on a snow day…
Ok, I’m trapped inside… and getting just a little crazy…

So… I’m “thinking” about stuff.

And here is one of my thoughts.  There are times when circumstances overtake and overrun and trump all other considerations.

Take the First Friday Book Synopsis.  We have gotten better at marketing this event.  We are nearly in our fourteenth year, and this event is stronger than ever, and the circle of participants, both regular and occasional, just keeps growing.  It is wonderful, and the people who make up our community make us successful.  (Thank you).  And, I think we provide valuable content – our event really is useful and valuable in quite a few ways (networking, book synopsis content, great food!)

But all the marketing, all the loyalty, all the value in the world, just withered (make that “froze”) in the face of ice patches, freezing temperatures, and a blanket of snow.  Circumstances shut us done – at least, for this month.

And we are just one very small operation, with one event.  (although, like all of you, there are ripple effects impacting our clients, and our work with them).  Imagine the angst in the decision-making rooms of the Airlines, and all of the outdoor Super Bowl week organizers, and…  Now, we’re talking about real money, and far-reaching ripple effects.

And, especially in this Super Bowl week, think of all the “small folks” hurt – people who took their savings or borrowed the money to print souvenirs, t-shirts, Super Bowl collectibles.  Circumstances trumped all of the best business planning…

And, then, think of a really big circumstance – the uprising in Egypt.  As I write this, Egypt is experiencing utter chaos.  Think of all the business income lost in the midst of this unrest and uncertainty and actual danger.

So, you know the formula:  strategic thinking + strategic planning + flawless execution lead to success.  But…but…

So…  I write this to remind us all of a simple truth.  We can plan, work, demonstrate a serious work-ethic, but there are times when circumstances overtake all that we do.

And, yes, I love the snow, and the snow day…  it is beautiful!

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