Listen to Larry James, CEO of CitySquare (formerly Central Dallas Ministries), interviewed by Krys Boyd on Think (90.1, KERA)

Larry James, CEO, CitySquare

I have written often about the event I speak at for CitySquare (formerly Central Dallas Ministries), the Urban Engagement Book Club.  Today, at the noon hour, Krys Boyd interviewed the CEO of CitySquare, Larry James.  Larry is a walking encyclopedia about many aspects of unmet and under-met human need, and through his leadership, CitySquare is truly making a difference, in Dallas, and in an ever-growing circle outward.

Go here to listen to a podcast of the interview.

{North Texas in Need
[2010-12-08 12:00:00] North Texas may be weathering the current economy better than many U.S. cities, but what’s the climate like for those who help the needy in our community? We’ll talk this hour with Larry James, President and CEO of City Square, which recently changed its name from Central Dallas Ministries.
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By the way, Public Radio has a true all-star line-up of world class interviewers.  They are able to let a guest speak clearly, giving us real insight into the message and the concerns of each guest.  We are familiar with the nationally known names:  Terry Gross, Diane Rehm.  Locally, Krys Boyd is a key part of that all-star line-up, and her interview with Larry was terrific.

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