What You Should Be Reading Today – A Quote For The Day From Gail Krachtus

Here is a simple, short quote, with smart career advice and simple wisdom.  As you decide how to invest your reading time, try this as a guideline.  It comes from Gail Krachtus, Associate Dean, Lake Forest Graduate School Of Management…

You have to be reading what the people at the top of your organization are reading.

How sound is this advice?  Recently, I presented a synopsis to folks who work in a company in Dallas.  Karl and I have presented book presentations at this company every month for quite a few years, and on this day the crowd was the largest I have ever had at that company.  Why?  The book I presented had been quoted by the CEO in a company planning session.  Everybody wanted to know the content of this book.

For more reading suggestions from the faculty at Lake Forest, click here.

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