“What I Read” – A Great Collection (with my own included)

Here is a great collection of articles.  All entitled “What I Read,” The AtlanticWire asks opinion leaders and writers what they read.  I don’t know how I missed this earlier.  I first read the article yesterday, with Terry Gross of Fresh Air/NPR writing about her reading habits.  But I have put the complete list (up through the Terry Gross piece) here for you to check out.  You can see that it represents a cross-section politically, and includes columnists and authors and others.  Enjoy.

By the way, what do I read?  Here is a partial list of what I read.  Every morning, I “read” (check out, peruse, read some carefully) Slate.com, The Huffington Post, Daily Kos (especially their daily abbreviated pundit roundup), the New York Times.  Through the day, I read Andrew Sullivan (The Daily Dish), Memeorandum, Larry James Urban Daily, Daily Beast, other parts of the Atlantic site, D Magazine’s FrontBurner blog.  I check in on Seth Godin’s blog, Guy Kawasaki’s blog, and quite a few others, throughout the week.  I am always reading a business book, and a book on poverty or social justice (for the next First Friday Book Synopsis and the Urban Engagement Book Club), other business books, and general non-fiction.  I don’t read much fiction, although I do re-read all of Nero Wolfe about once every three or four years.  And, of course, other things that I “find” in all that I am reading…  And, I read the other writers on our blogging team on this blog.  And, I check in every now and then on sites like Malcolm Gladwell (Gladwell.com), Atul Gawande, and quite a few others I have bookmarked.

I generally read a famous/timeless speech or two a week.  I have a number of books of compilations of speeches, and I really enjoy this practice.

Here’s the list, so far:
Terry Gross: What I Read

David Frum: What I Read (4/12)

David Brooks: What I Read (4/7)

John Dickerson: What I Read (4/5)

Terry McMillan: What I Read (4/1)

Tucker Carlson: What I Read (3/24

Tyler Cowen: What I Read (3/22)

Frank Rich: What I Read (3/17)

Andrew Breitbart: What I Read (3/15)

Anna Quindlen: What I Read (3/10)

Susan Orlean: What I Read (3/8)

Felix Salmon: What I Read (3/3)

Michael Lewis: What I Read (3/2)

Steve Coll: What I Read (2/24)

Nicholas Lemann: What I Read (2/22)

James Gibney: What I Read (2/9)

Ta-Nehisi Coates: What I Read (2/5)

Jeffrey Goldberg: What I Read (2/4)

Marc Ambinder: What I Read (2/2)

One thought on ““What I Read” – A Great Collection (with my own included)

  1. Anne

    that’s a really interesting list of articles! It’s so neat to find out what other people are reading, more so if their tastes coincide with yours. You should also have a look at the infloox site for more like this (i.e. who’s reading what)


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