The Professional’s Code — A Challenge from Atul Gawande

In The Checklist Manifesto:  How To Get Things Right, Atul Gawande delineates a code for professionals.  He calls these the “expectations,” and he lists four:

1) An expectation of selflessness
2)  An expectation of skill
3)  An expectation of trustworthiness
4)  An expectation of discipline

The list is quite impressive.  In it, he makes the case that all professionals are expected to:  act selflessly, for the good of others; develop a great and deep level of skill; become utterly reliable, a person who can be taken at his/her word; and a person who keeps getting better, with a personal discipline that aims toward constant improvement.

These expectations are legitimate for every professional, in every profession.

Quite a life challenge, but fully valid.  I think this is a code worthy of adoption by us all.

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