Frank Luntz discovers What We Really Want — no hassles, more time and money, and really good customer service

What Americans WantLast Friday, I presented my synopsis of the new Frank Luntz book, What Americans Really Want…Really.  Luntz is the seemingly everywhere present focus group/pollster/messaging guy, who regularly conducts focus groups for Fox News following major debates and speeches.  He is a numbers man, and he is quite good with words.  His earlier book, Words that Work, along with the book by Chip and Dan Heath, Made to Stick, are valuable books for anyone seeking to choose the right strategies and words for effective messages.

Here are a few noticeable  and valuable conclusions from Luntz in his new book:



Here are the five lifestyle attributes that really matter:
1)             More money
2)             Fewer hassles
3)             More time
4)             More choices
5)             No worries

Here are three attributes Americans really want from customer-service personnel:
1)    to be knowledgeable, well-trained, reliable
2)    someone who listens as they explain their problem.
3)    In a word:  empathy.

Here is what Americas definitely do not want:
1)  hassle
2)  automated phone systems
3)  foreign accents on the other end of the phone


The book has much more to offer.  You might want to check it out.


(My synopsis, with audio + handout, should be available to purchase soon on our companion website,

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